Friday, October 2, 2009

Whew, trying to keep up with the fruits of our summer labor is as time consuming as the growing. We have been harvesting our dry beans, beets, wormy pop corn, giant rutabagas (that I don't particularly like and can't seem to give away), basil, and tomatoes and are thrilled with our haul. Squash and pumpkins are still in place. We planted the empty rows with a tender perennial clover.
We've a lot of tomato sauce for the freezer and my favorite is just slow roasted in the oven. I just chopped up the tomatoes added garlic and basil and let it do it's thing. When it is done, you can eat it like ice cream!
Right after Sue's last dip in the ocean, she went right into the pond and started the fall clean out. Still many things on the to do list. I want to re pot some of the plants that have to come inside soon. The pressure is growing for that special job. It seems like I just took them out!!!

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Maria said...

Beautiful pictures of the bounty!!