Friday, October 17, 2008

Preping our New Space for Spring

We did some work this week prepping the rows at Cathy and Georges. We pulled weeds one day to clear the area before George went at it with the tractor. Digging dirt from the trenches that George made with the said tractor and piling it up to make a raised bed. The trench is then filled with wood chips. Still more to go. Will have to kick butt next week!

The chickens seem to have moved into a new stage this week with big chicken noises coming out of a couple of them. The same ones are becoming more aggressive with each other. We are looking for some guidance from our local chicken folks. We still don't know if they are girlzzzzzzz...we have along way to go with our farm knowledge!!!

Still have plants to bring in before the frost. The weather has been beautiful here in Rhode Island!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sun Dried Tomatoes and a Chicken Coop Addition!

We got the shed stained a couple of weeks ago and Midge has been constructing nesting boxes for the chickens. We are thinking that we might have two roosters out of the four. We are throwing around ideas about the fate of the so called hens that might be roosters... She has spent hours, measuring, sawing, hammering, drilling, and painting. I'm sure that the chickies are very happy with their new addition!

Sue was the leader of the sun dried tomato squad. George and Cathy offered the fruit right off of their vines and we took advantage of the chance to try drying them in the greenhouse. My favorites were the ones that weren't quite dried out. The flavor was very sweet and rich!

George and Cathy have offered us 300 ft of space for a garden next summer! We are very excited and have a bit of work to do to prepare for next spring. We will be helping them with their crops when needed. They are both very knowledgeable and have the tractors etc to help with the jobs! We are all looking forward to growing more food, learning about new seeds and planting methods and having more goodies to dry and freeze for Winter 09!