Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, we made it through the winter by painting the inside and dreaming and scheming gardens!
 Ordered seeds from Fedco and Johnnys. Had a huge limb come down into the pond during one storm with no damage to the liner! Notice the poor scary baby after the limb touched down. The good news is that she survived the trauma. So did the pond!

Then there was the 10,000 year storm here in little rhody! We made it through that event unscathed, but many folks were left with huge messes and losses. Clean up and recovery will take some time! We were both very grateful for our good luck. The pic above is the waterfall in Wakefield, RI.

In March after endless chatting and chewing the issue over (years), we decided to have three big trees taken down to make more room for veggie gardens. You can only imagine how relieved the scary baby was to have that big branch removed (below bottom r)!!! We all were. As of this week the pond is finally back to normal, happy with a new filter!!
 Next came the delivery of 16 or so yards of very heavy wet unscreened compost from the master Mike Merner and Earth Care Farm. That was closely followed by the arrival of the master of all trades Ron Poppy and his little earth mover!!! What a relief to have it moved with a piece of equipment. 
Many many more tasks have happened since then, but I am off for a creative weekend and have to pack clothes and get a book on disc for the drive...will return before fall with stories of chickens, fountains, rock moving etc...happy planting!