Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!
Sue planted beans...the dry variety at Cathy and George's last week.
We have spent a lot of time this spring moving perennials to make up veggie beds. Always checking the sun movement and wishing we had a couple of grand sitting around to take out a couple of big trees for more backyard veggie sun. In the mean time, we are studying (over and over and over) companion planting and crop rotation! It currently feels like a Rubik's Cube of love and hate between plants!

Yesterday in our home beds, we put in beans, basil with the asparagus, tried to figure out where the tomatoes should go...where to plop the newly purchased grape vines, transplanted my water cress that I have been babying from seed, put in marigolds and petunias, weeded our little plot of carrots and beets, did laundry and munched all day on the rhubarb crisp that Sue whipped up before breakfast!

Yesterday we witnessed a frog fight in the pond. Wow! This big bruiser chomped onto another froggie and after a bit of tumbling and turning in the water, the chomped frog looked pretty dead in the water...but the second that it moved its injured little head Bruiser was on it again and it hasn't been seen since. It would explain the toes up frog spied last week. We had never observed that particular pond event!
The robbins are very busy cleaning up munchies in the lawn

This was a chicken escape plan that was working in the early spring! One of the Buffs has been broody for about a week now. We check on her in her little box position and she continues to purr and fluff up her feathers, and we continue to take the eggs she gathers from her sisters. We have been gently encouraging her to get a snack and a drink every now and then. She just wants to sit. I can so relate to her hormone swings!!

I think that I will go and weed the front perennial bed.
Happy Trails!