Sunday, July 26, 2009

It is a hot Sunday here in Florida.
I can only work in the sun for so long and
then I need to take a dip in the pool and hit the coolness of the inside.
I am torn between the book I am reading or sewing.
So I will change it up and blog instead.

These are fresh sea turtle tracks that Midge found on a morning walk.
She had layed her eggs in the sand and made the long trek across the sand to the sea.

Our home in Florida becomes ours more everyday.
The flora and fauna in our yard becomes more familiar.
I can remember the name of some palm trees.
I am still working on what likes sun or shade. I did figure out the other day that some of the date palms were looking sad because they had too much water.

We have three banana varieties in our yard.
Two are flourishing but one is just hanging on.
I still need to learn what each one is.
But in the mean time we love the
spectacular flower
and we have lots of tiny little green fruit.

I love the little lizards.
Sometimes as I walk through the yard I can see them scampering off here and there
and feel a bit like sleeping beauty with all of her helpful animals running around her.
The older ones are cute enough but the babies are even cuter.
It must be the season for hatching because they are everywhere in all sizes.

We haven't figured out growing our veggies yet but we visited a place in Palm City, that specializes in growing your food in your yard.
They were just getting back from a long vacation and weren't ready for customers yet but I was excited to find like minded people here in Florida.

We are enjoying our avocado tree.
It is filled with lots of big green fruit.
It has been fun to watch from the flowers to the fruit
as it is conveniently located next to our porch.
The fruit doesn't ripen quickly on the tree so we can pick them
and use them as we wish.
We have even sent some back to friends and family in RI.