Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is the Solstice and I am trying not to panic because the sun is looping around the other way!
Stay in the moment and enjoy is what wise, calm Cathy reminded us in yoga the other day! The flowers above are from her garden and were being sold at the Farmer's Market on Friday! It was great to have the market in action again!

We have been plugging along in our yard. With so much rain and so much work work, we still have so much to do. Here we are creating another row for veggies. I am happy to say that there are carrots, zucchini, patty pans, little lettuces in that row. The chard and kale that went in the week or so earlier is nothing but tiny sticks without leaves. Our beans aren't much better.

We do have peas and broccoli that need to be picked. It is very windy right now, and the 8ft peas are not happy! But the wind will be turning the wind mill at Cathy and George's and filling that tank right up! We have half of the fence up around the garden at the left and hope to get the rest of it up before some special critter finds it! A frog has moved into the new little pond. With only one sun picture in the 10 day forecast, not sure how all of the gardens are going to fare!

Friday, June 12, 2009

it has been raining and raining...the poor peony's are drenched and drooping...the mosquitoes are having a holiday!!! our seedlings are getting munched!
we have tiny broccoli heads, wonderful lettuce mixes and pea flowers! one of our buffy chickens has been broody for weeks...
farmers market starts next week!!!