Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall is Here!!

Let's just say that we are very happy around here!

There has been a lot of farm action around here! While Al and I were in Houston at Quilt Market, our first and as it turned out only female chicken became breakfast for a hawk! It was a sad moment for these newbie chicken caretakers, but we moved forward quickly. Sue and Midge took a field trip to the chicken store in Conn and came home with 2 Buff Orpingtons. We took the others to the guy that sold them to us for a sex check. He very quickly determined that they were in fact roosters! There was a very quick switch and we came home with 3 banties...
These are the Buffs taking their first look at the three new roommates! The Buff in the back is the boss of everyone! Then we all went back to the chicken store in Conn and came home with two Barred Rocks. They didn't arrived until evening, managed to escape a couple of hours later but stayed right on the roof of the coop.

So, we have a whole new chicken family that loves cruising around the yard...only when someone is outside...and they seem to be getting along...We love the chickens!!!

We have spent time at Indigo (George and Cathy's Spread) prepping our rows for spring. We continued to dig the ditches, spread chips in those ditches and spreading straw on the beds. Midge and Sue planted garlic while Al and I were in Houston.

So things are pretty well set in that area. Just need to get more straw. We are all very excited about our veggie space and can't wait to pick out seeds!

With the chickens settled in, Midge has been building a new shelter and new run for the chicks.
The weather has been unbelievably warm this fall, so looking forward to doing some clean up in the gardens here at home. The plants are in and adjusting to their winter confinement Midge and Al are heading for NY to sell at a quilt show. Sue and I will be here wandering around the garden! Looking forward to a weekend at home.