Monday, August 24, 2009

Midge and I continue to learn about how to garden in Florida.
Our avocado tree is magical.
It continues to hold it's fruit and sometimes when I am relaxing
on the porch I try to count them.
Well, that only lasts a moment and then I am off to think about something else
but I think we still have around 100 fruit.

Our latest recycle reuse project around the house
has been our outside shower.
I don't know why I used the term "our"
because I had little or nothing to do with building it.
I was mainly a consultant.
Midge was the brains and brawn behind the operation.

We..... I mean Midge found the shutters at a yard sale.
We (yes I did help) loaded up the car with shutters
and had the perfect answer for adding privacy to our outside shower.
It has been the wonderful and well used, addition our little compound.


Deb said...

That looks so inviting!!! Lucky you!

Sue Rutford said...

Watch out for raccoons, they love avocados!